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Linda Lindley(non-registered)
I enjoyed looking at your FANTASTIC pictures. You are a great photographic artist! Thanks for sharing.
Jackie Parson(Carpenter)(non-registered)
Hi Deb: Ran across your pictures by accident. They are stunning. I had no idea that you had a site showing your work.. Wonderful!
Joyce Wells(non-registered)
These are outstanding! I had no idea how good, (you are great, not just good) photographer you were when I met you today. Just wow!!! I understand more about our conversation today about the trips that you take--they must be worth every penny and then some. Thanks for making these available for the public to look at.
Nate Pool(non-registered)
You're outstanding! What great talent, I wish I had just a fraction of your skill!
Cassie Clarkson-Gombeda(non-registered)
Your photography is simply breathtaking! You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all!
What beautiful photography! Nature is beautiful on its own, but you really help to bring out an almost magical quality in it. Very impressive! I can't wait to share this site!
ciarra dennis(non-registered)
Oh my gosh. I was looking through these (on a Friday night because I'm home and have no life) and I can't believe how amazing these are. You're really very talented. :)
Jaycie Lanham(non-registered)
You are a great photographer Mrs. Steinhausser! Enjoy Yellowstone! Thanks for being so great all the time! (:
Betty Sheltoon(non-registered)
Your photos are beautiful. A really good job!
Karen Schleppi(non-registered)
Your pictures are just outstanding! I feel like I am on a mini vacation when I view them. Thank you for sharing! The bluebird is still my favorite.
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